WaterHog Car Mats

A note from the founder:

"Growing up in Indiana, my brother and I experienced a variety of weather conditions including wet weather throughout the Spring and cold and snowy Winters. These wet conditions caused snow and moisture to build on our feet that eventually led to damaging moisture and dirt stains in the inside of our vehicles. These are issues that standard rubber liners and car mats struggle to combat. These are everyday problems that many people throughout the world deal with. We came up with the idea of transforming standard carpeted mats and Waterhog floor mats into the form of absorbent, non-stain, machine-washable car mats. This is when Textrel was born in early 2015. We teamed up with our United States based manufacturer to provide other people a solution to these everyday problems by creating the world's first luxury machine washable car mat. We are excited to offer you luxury mats for your car, your home, or your business while offering the highest level of service and satisfaction guarantees. Thank you for your interest in our products."

- Zachary Watterson, 2015